Podcast #3 - tears from chorus of apes aerosoul


This week Andi and Sean are joined by someone else who is also called Sean but is a genuine Irish, giving non-Irish Sean some serious inadequacy issues.

Also, these games are discussed:

  • Sid Meier's Pirates!
  • Trials Evolution (again)
  • Walking Dead Episode 1
  • new Mass Effect 3 multiplayer guff
  • Dragon's Dogma

Then we answer your questions. One of them is about fighting animals. It's good.

Next recording is THIS TUESDAY, and will feature none other than LEWIS PROCTER, that guy who's saved you loads of money. Send us questions for him (or us) via Twitter, or e-mail at podcast [at] midnightresistance.co.uk and we will probably answer them. I mean, we'll pretty much read out anything that is sent to us.

Skullgirls competition from episode two is still open, too. Enter that.

Kiss! x


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