GETTING RAD in Armored Core V

I really like Armored Core V. I’ve already done a proper review elsewhere, though. That’s not what this is. This is something where I talk about Armored Core V without having to offer a balanced, comprehensive viewpoint, and instead talk about two entirely stupid things that have come to define my experience of the game despite being largely nothing to do with it.

Thing 1: Team Motto

When I first set up my ACV team - called MidnightResistance, if you fancy joining - I was flicking through the options and noticed one text field, marked ‘Sortie text’. Unsure of how the game would use it, I opened it up anyway and changed it, to “LET’S GET RAD”. I then completely forgot about it.

A week or so later, I'd convinced some friends to buy the game and join my stupid team. Once we'd had the largely impenetrable online PvP system explained to us, we decided to go out and start trashing people's bases. Little did we know that each PvP match starts with a little cutscene of each team's ACs rolling out, complete with their team name, logo, and sortie text. So we start a match, and see our ACs being flown into battle. And at the bottom of the screen, everyone suddenly sees the text.


Nobody but me had spotted it in the menus, and they all immediately burst out laughing. "Let's get rad? What the fuck? Why does it say that!?"

I explained that I just put it in as a throwaway thing, not even sure if/when people would see it. And yet, from that point on, it would become our motto. Every mission we go on now begins with most of us obnoxiously shouting "LET'S GET RAAAD" at each other, and half of the team have customised their automated in-game status messages to incorporate the motto. "FORMING TEAM, LET US GET RAD", "RETURNING FROM SORTIE. CEASED GETTING RAD", "PREPARING TO GET RAD", etc.

Then we started using it on our AC decals.

Nobody will ever spot that in the middle of a battle, but by Christ I know it's there.

Thing 2: Googly eyes

Credit for this goes straight to MidnightResistance team member and all-round hero Mark Paterson.

It's about 1am, and I'm just about ready to go to bed. Suddenly, Mark tweets:

"Just finished giving my AC googly eyes"

The next thing I know, it's 2am and I've put googly eyes on my favourite ACs, because it is goddamn hilarious. I am now a pro at it, and can give an AC googly eyes in just a few minutes. I may have also made some tactically poor head unit choices in order to favour heads that look funnier with googly eyes.

How could you shoot at this guy? The world's in ruins, but there's no way he's letting it get him down. He's amazing, and I laugh every single time I see him.

Armored Core V is a fun game. You should play it.